Cisco AIR-PWRINJ4 Power Injector (AIR-PWRINJ4) Unused

Cisco AIR-PWRINJ4 Power Injector (AIR-PWRINJ4) Unused


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Condition: Unused

Cisco AIR-PWRINJ4 Power Injector (AIR-PWRINJ4)


The Cisco Aironet Power Injector (AIR-PWRINJ4) increases wireless LAN deployment flexibility of Cisco Aironet Access Points by providing an alternative powering option to local power, inline power-capable multiport switches, and multiport power patch panels.

The single-port Cisco Aironet Power Injector provides 802.3af power and data signal, sending both to the Cisco Aironet Access Point.

The power injectors provide up to 15.4 W over the unused wire pairs of a Category 5 or better Ethernet cable, supplying enough power for a distance of 328 ft. (100 m) on the Cisco Aironet 1140 / 1250 / 1260 / 3500 / 1600 / 1700 / 2600 / 2700 / 3600 / 3700 Series access points.

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