Samsung OS7400 LP40 Local Processor (KPOS74BLP/XAR) New

Samsung OS7400 LP40 Local Processor (KPOS74BLP/XAR) New


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Condition:  New

Samsung OfficeServ 7400 LP40 Local Processor


The LP40 is a local processor that is required in every cabinet.  It must go into slot 0 of each cabinet.  Even if you have a single cabinet system, you must install a LP40.  Each LP40 provides 6 five-party conference cirucuits and 8 DTMF receivers.  All system daughter boards are installed on LP40 cards except for the modem daughterboard.





  • The LP40 Sub-Control Section Module controls the functions of the cabinets as directed by the MP40. The LP40 manages the subscriber cards and terminals.
  • Th

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