Unify Digital Subscriber Line Module UP0 (SLMU) (L30251-U600-A984) New

Unify Digital Subscriber Line Module UP0 (SLMU) (L30251-U600-A984) New


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Unify L30251-U600-A984 provides connection of up to 16 DECT base stations BS5 or BS4 per SLMUC card. 16 UP0E interfaces for direct connection of base stations plus 8 additional UP0E interfaces to extend the number of simultaneous calls per base station. Supports a maximum of 48 simultaneous calls per SLMUC. Simultaneous operation of SLMUC and SLCN cards in one system. Supports the same operating modes as the SLCN card in single and multi-node systems. Maximum values per OpenScape Business X8 System. Max. 4 SLMUC and / or SLCN assemblies. Max. 192 simultaneous conversations. Max. 64 base stations.

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